How to become an Arborist?

What is an arborist?

Firstly, we must know what an arborist is and what they do? An arborist is a person responsible for maintaining trees and shrubs by trimming and pruning. They are often classified as a tree climber, tree trimmer, line clearance foreman or ground workers.

They help in maintaining safety in roads or streets by removing branches or bushes that interfere. They also improve the health of plants and trees in which some specialize in tree diseases to take better care of it while another arborist beautifies trees by shaping and trimming them into works of art.

arborist 1

Becoming an Arborist

An Arborist is often known to be nature lovers and outgoing individuals. They tend to be adventurous as their work often require them to climb trees and examine them or cut them. They have a great appreciation of nature and become experts in maintaining trees and plants to improve its health. Here are guides in becoming an Arborist.

  1. Know about the Job

It is important to know what an arborist is and does so as to be able to understand the importance of their job in the community and thus do the job right and with passion. Here are some of their task:

  • Inspect and assess the trees condition and health and identify how to treat it.
  • Trim and prune trees and hedges
  • Maintain lawn, plants, and grass by trimming, weeding, and fertilizing
  • Cutting the branches and trunks of trees using chain and handsaws which hinder and interfere line wires and streets
  1. Get proper training or a course about arboriculture

Most Arborists are required to have a small course and a background in arboriculture while other get training from the company they are hired on and thus be qualified for their job. Trainees usually start with a National Certificate in Horticulture – Arboriculture (level 3) and advance in a national certificate (level 4) as they continue on with their training which is the minimum qualification for training by employees

For individuals who have a course, a minimum of three years of secondary education is required with subjects such as horticulture and biology are often included.

  1. Acquire Experience

It is important to consider getting an experience similar or related to being an arborist so as to gain familiarity with its work. Some experiences needed are climbing ropes, maintaining plants and pruning.

  1. Get Physically Ready

Being an Arborist is often needed to be physically fit and healthy due to their work which is mostly above ground climbing trees. They need to have great hand-eye coordination, balance and good eyesight to do their jobs well which is why most arborist is often considered to be outgoing and sporty.

  1. Have or acquire some of the required characteristics

An Arborist needs to be responsible, practical, observant, patient and has good planning skills. These are all needed to be able to understand and do the job properly and thus perform well.

  1. Know where to apply

Arborists are often needed and have high demand by power companies, city and government councils, small and large firms. The positions that can be acquired when hired by these companies are

  • Climbing Arborist

Climbing arborist are very efficient in climbing which is why their task often includes climbing trees to prune it, tree removals, crown thinning and reduction, lightning protection in trees.

  • Arborist Representative

Arborist Representative are people who associate and meet with clients to attend to their tree care needs and provide expert advice for them.

  • Plant healthcare technician

Plant healthcare technician is individuals who are responsible for maintaining the health of plants in the environment. They are the responsible for researching on how various plants can survive in the urban environment.



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